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Default Re: 5 accidentally shot at gun shows in North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana

At least the gun show in NC got the message quick. This is how gun shows should be. While you'll never see a massacre at a gun show, I do understand that the loophole needs closed. Not just because people can be stupid and forgetful, but private sellers don't do background checks. This is wrong.

The show closed early Saturday because of the shooting, according to The News & Observer. When the show reopens Sunday private gun sales will not be permitted, but only sales by licensed dealers at the show are allowed, Long said. By Saturday evening, the event's website clearly stipulated: "No personal firearms are to be brought into the show."

And OMG...not a common sense response! That's heinous!

Firearms expert Greg A. Danas told NBC News while it's up to a gun show owner to determine safety rules, he recommends measures like inspecting guns and ensuring firing pins are disabled.
"Even people with the best intentions, screw up, occasionally make mistakes," Danas said.

(same link)
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