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Default Re: 5 accidentally shot at gun shows in North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
I'lll leave for now how callous I think your statistics comment was. My argument is that there are too many stupid people to have guns everywhere. in anyone's hands. I certainly wouldn't let them in my store if I had one. And some argue you should be able to take them anywhere, even into bars and clubs.

So tell me what the penalty should be for the owner if he accidentally kills someone in a public place. How about if he just mames someone? If your kid is shot does it help to know it was just some HS dropout trying to feel powerful by carrying a 357 instead of a "stark raving criminal?"
Why are you even arguing that first point? No rational person wants that. Nobody I've ever come into contact with at least. Why is it that when people argue that those who are legally cleared to own and carry firearms should retain their 2nd amendment rights to do so, people against it automatically jump to the conclusion that we think anyone should be allowed to carry anything, anywhere. That's simply not the case.

I don't need to tell you what I think the penalties should be for those things. There are already laws that cover that. If you think those laws should be stricter, that's fine. Talk to those in your local community about getting those laws changed.

I won't even dignify your last comment with a response. It's even more callous than my statistic comment.
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