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Default Re: Can someone tell me how we ended up in this cap hell situation?

Originally Posted by TRH View Post amazes me how much i'm STILL seeing "restructure" being thrown about on this board.

As for the big contracts - look at all that elite Brinks money we threw around - much of it coming at nearly the same time.
Ben - Troy - Harrison - Woodley - Timmons - Just those contracts alone are cringe-inducing when you think about it.
I still don't know how teams like the Patriots keep coming in way under the cap and have all this wiggle room to do anything they damn well feel like doing. We're not even in the same league as putting teams/players/money together like they do.
I think our defensive scheme lends itself to cap difficulties. Think about it. Most of our defensive players don't get the opportunity to produce until years 3,4,5. By that time, the FO must decide who to pay and who not. With only one or two years of production to gauge value, mistakes are going to be made.

The Patsies get, quite often, immediate production out of rookies and get great value for these other words, a rookie making $750k producing immediately...YEARS before demanding big money. Look at guys like McCourty, Spikes, Wilson, Jones, Hightower and Chung. They are producing immediately, and on the cheap.

Combined salaries of those players? $7.3mil.
Combined salaries of Hampton, Keisel, Harrison, and Taylor? $22.7mil.

Don't flame me for bringing up the Patsies. I hate 'em, but they do find ways to make their young guys relevant right away. The Steelers used to handle personnel in a much different way than they do now. Guys hitting age 30 generally were allowed to walk. Many times to my dismay, but it was hard to argue that for the most part, those decisions didn't bite us in the ass.

I LOVE LeBeau, but is it possible to get some production out of our defensive youngsters a little earlier? That way, smarter decisions on long-term contracts can be made when the time comes.

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