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Default Re: 5 accidentally shot at gun shows in North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
My comment was hypothetical yours was about real wounded people you don't give a shit about. Or, as you put, are not worth talking about.

But moving on to you not believing that anyone should be able to carry anywhere - tell me specifically the restrictions and limitation you endorse. Who can carry and who can't? Where is it ok and where is it not? Who decides and how is it enforced?
No, you assume I don't give a shit. I care that those people were injured...but let's be real. They were accidents they brought about in their own stupidity. And they aren't all that common.

You want a hypothetical? Why don't you care about the hundreds that die or are maimed in car accidents daily? Many at the hands of drunk drivers? Why do we continue to allow bars and clubs to be legal? Why are there cars that are even made to go double the speed limit? Oh shit, none of that is hypothetical... sorry, that was my strawman.

This serves no point though...neither of us is unfeeling. I'm sure we both care about human life...I just don't think ignoring realistic options is the way to go.

Obviously convicted felons and the mentally ill should not be allowed to own firearms. It's not up to me to say where is ok and where is not ok. If you have a private business, and you don't want people carrying firearms, that's your right. I think schools should have properly trained armed guards, if their community feels it necessary. People in their local communities should decide, for the most part, how these laws are enforced (when not dealing with something like national background checks).

The problems we have now stem from the government’s inability to actually monitor the practices they created.

The only thing I would really change is better enforcement of the laws already in place. Although I would add that anyone looking to buy a gun should have to list who all lives in the household, and if they are convicted felons, or mentally ill (I wouldn't even be opposed to household background checks). I would reinstate the mandatory 7 day waiting period. I know checks can be done at lightening speed now...but there's nothing anyone needs a gun for that they can't wait a few days. It allows a cooling off period.

I would put stricter regulations and fines on gun stores who don't properly follow the laws. It's too easy to get an FFL nowadays, and these regulations would do away with little po-dunk shops that might sneak under the radar.

Concealed Carry classes are a joke. Finding a reputable one in my area was not easy. If you want to properly teach people how to safely use a firearm, then start having proper trainers. All gun owners will benefit from this and appreciate it. I'd go as far to say that you should have to take these classes just to own a gun. And I think you should have to update your training every 1-4 years.
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