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Default I'm OK with purging our aging/underproducing Stars

I think this has been a long time coming.

Some of you may be new steelers fans (Bettis Era) but if you go back to the 90's when Free Agency started, the Steelers were always a roster that was attacked by other teams. We would lose starter after starter and keep winning.


We always had someone as productive waiting in the wings.

We loose Thomas Everett and Aaron Jones and we replace them with Carnell Lake and Darren Perry

DJ Johnson gets replaced by Willie Williams

Hardy Nickerson gets replaced by Levon Kirkland

Gerald Williams by Joel Steed

Yancey Thigpen by Charles Johnson

Eric Green by Mark Bruener

I can go on and on and on with this.

The issue now is we are NOT replacing these players we cut or allow to walk via free agency with as good or better replacements.

So, based on that, the Steelers held these players like Farrior, Harrison, Taylor, Keisel, Hampton, Starks way too long. No one groomed to replace them so as their skills decline so does production. The fact we were the #1 defense means more time...NOTHING!!!!

Its time to let the young guys play, to include rookies and let them take their lumps. As long as we have Big Ben, get a decent RB which we can draft and a solid OL, we can compete and in 2014 we will be better for it.

Trade down, accumulate picks, develop them ON THE FIELD and look for another 3-5 years of a championship run starting 2014.

This group has had a nice 10 year run, I'm fine with a 1-2 year fall from grace (like 98-00) to reload for another 10-12 year run.

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