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Default Re: 5 accidentally shot at gun shows in North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
I'll give you mine.

Gun ownership needs a license. The license requires real training and proof of competency. There would be different levels for different types of of weapons, like CDLs as a parallel. Some weapons would have need requirements similar to Israeli requirements.
That can be realistically done...I think all people should have to at least get permits. I'm all for training and proof of competency. Competent trainers are a must too. You wouldn't believe the level of ignorance that abounds in these classes. There are already different levels for different types of weapons (full auto are class III), but I understand the need to expand that. This is a workable solution, IMO.

Transferring ownership between private individuals requires both to have the appropriate license and would require documentation similar to selling a car.
Completely agree. This is the "gun show" loophole. It applies to flea markets and people's basements as well. You only have to "occasionally" sell weapons to not have to do a background check or have proper paperwork. Everybody and their mothers should say "What the hell is this crap!?!"

I would have special shipping requirements.
I believe there already are in most cases? I could be wrong, but I'm not sure exactly what you mean in this regard.

If you ever accidentally discharge a weapon in public, you lose you license forever to go with a hefty fine. Any damage done is your responsibility. You pay for the property damage. You pay for medical expenses, pain and suffering and lifetime disabilities, or the wrongful death. No defense, this is pure strict liability.

Criminally, if you cause death or serious bodily injury with a firearm, it's a felony. Accident is no defense. Obviously self defense still is but we're talking about unintentional firing here.
Most of this I would leave open to local laws. It's not the federal gov'ts job to police everyone. That's why we have local politicians and law enforcement. That's not to say that I don't completely disagree with you, but that's something that should be done on a local level.

Carrying a firearm under the influence is a felony.
Again, this should be left up to local/state law enforcement, like most other laws.

Carrying weapons on private property, including all businesses, stores, malls, etc.. is up to the ownership but it must be posted if it is ok. No posting means it's restricted.
I don't see why the posting matters that much, but ok. Criminals will just know whether or not to look for a sign still lol.
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