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Default Re: 3-4 to a 4-3?

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
A top ten d and still 8-8. Being the number one d is based on yards per game and if you didnt notice due to our lack of offense and terrible punting teams would normally start at the 40 or 50. Teams against us this year never had far to travel against us. So the whole number one thing is very misleading.

You woulnd want the bears d?! They produced the most points and that would of at least won us a few more games.

You cant always say we had the number defense to make a argument because it is very misleading our d did not look like the number 1 d at all this year.
i highlighted the relevant parts of your post.
the defenses job is to
A - stop the opposing offense from scoring
B - limit the opposing offense to as little yardage as possible and force them to punt
the steelers were # 6 on part A, and # 1 in the league on part B
you guys are acting as if teams were putting up 35 points on the D every week.
the bottom line is the offense ONCE AGAIN failed to hold up their end of the game by NOT scoring enough points. like i said in another thread , if the steelers offense averaged 35 points a game like the patriots did , they'd be undefeated right now and nobody would be bashing the defense.

once again i'll ask..where has that great bears 4-3 D been the last few years ? they run a 4-3 so they have to be good every year right?
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