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Default Re: 3-4 to a 4-3?

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
i highlighted the relevant parts of your post.
the defenses job is to
A - stop the opposing offense from scoring
B - limit the opposing offense to as little yardage as possible and force them to punt
the steelers were # 6 on part A, and # 1 in the league on part B
you guys are acting as if teams were putting up 35 points on the D every week.
the bottom line is the offense ONCE AGAIN failed to hold up their end of the game by NOT scoring enough points. like i said in another thread , if the steelers offense averaged 35 points a game like the patriots did , they'd be undefeated right now and nobody would be bashing the defense.

once again i'll ask..where has that great bears 4-3 D been the last few years ? they run a 4-3 so they have to be good every year right?
I totally agree with you - the offense didn't hold up its part - and that was even more exposed as the defense had a terrible year in terms of wreaking havoc - forcing turnovers means extra possessions and better field position. You're right - the defense cannot be dominant every single season - just don't rely on rankings - lack of turnovers took this team down another notch and helped shine some light on an offense - especially as the year went on and we were more banged up. This is not an O that can consistently march the field over the course of the Arians era. I'd argue they were showing promise going into the KC game. Just some food for thought - Not saying its the D's fault - but, it heightened everyone's awareness to what it really takes to win a SB - if you aren't creating turnovers - its that much harder on a struggling O.
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