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Default Re: Harbaugh Jealousy

Originally Posted by defence View Post
Why cause he shows emotion and passion. Give credit where it's due. He took an average team up to Denver and beat a good team. He does deserve credit for that. His brother has way more talent in SF so John has done quite a job to get the team where it is. I'd like to see more life out of Tomlin sometimes.
whatever, the Ravens were preseason favorites to get back to this point from most experts. They hit a rough patch with injuries and have now righted the ship. The Steelers were picked by most to finish right where they did, 3rd and around 8-8. So, I think both coaches got their teams about where they were suppossed to this year with the talent they had.
John Harbaugh has done fine, he's done a good job for the Ravens. I don't like his demeanor or personality as my teams coach, that's all. And I don't think the Rooney's would either.
For what it's worth, he's accomplished far less than Tomlin to this point. Just because a coach doesn't make an ass out of himself on the sidelines or in interviews doesn't mean he's not a good coach.

I'd like to know how Ravens fans felt about their team blowing a 14 point lead in a divisional playoff game in Pittsburgh. Their team was shitting their pants as it was happening in the second half. That's on the coach. He couldn't stop the bleeding and you could feel the momentum of that game shift and the Ravens froze up and choked that game away. Conversely, doesn't Tomlin get any credit for that comeback win and subsequent win in the AFC championship?

Both have been good, Tomlin statistically has just been a little better. Couple that with the fact that I prefer his demeanor and Tomlin's the coach for me.
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