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Default Re: Painful Cuts Ahead

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
We're going to be 1-15 because we're shedding the dead weight on this team and replacing them with younger and more explosive guys? Getting rid of Harrison, Keisel, Hampton and Troy might make our defensive more explosive. Harrison is struggling with severe knee and back problems while Keisel and Hampton have clearly lost a couple steps to their game. Great, they're vocal leaders in the locker room but at this point, we're worse off on defense when they're on the field than when they're not.

Enter Polamalu. He's easily going to be the most controversial and hardest cut this team is going to have to make, but I think it's a necessary one. Do you guys think he's worth the 10 million dollar cap hit we're going to take for him to stay on this team? For me, it's an easy no. He's lost a step, too, but because of his play style and not necessarily his age, but I'm sure that factors in as well. He's no longer the explosive, playmaking Safety we've all come to expect on Sundays and this defense was actually better against the pass when we had two Safeties deep, playing a more conventional 3-4 defense rather than relying on Troy as our only playmaker on the field. Either talk him into retirement or cut him loose because we've dug ourselves into a hole with all these older players and their ridiculously high cap hits.

They're just not worth it anymore. They're not contributing and, as hard as it is to say good-bye for some of you, it's a no-brainer for me. Harrison isn't worth a 10 million dollar cap hit, neither is Polamalu. Keisel isn't worth his 4.5 million dollar cap hit, either and these guys have to be shown the door so new blood can come in. Sorry guys, it's time to let the younger guys take over the reigns.

Draft OLB, S/WR, ILB in that order and let them fucking play. I'm getting tired of LeBeau's 'rookies aren't ready!' bullshit and letting these aging guys play over their faster and more explosive counter-parts. If we need a change in defensive ideology (not scheme, chill) then so be it. Why didn't Heyward play over Keisel? Why wasn't McLendon playing over Hampton despite obviously outplaying him every single snap he was on the field? Why are younger guys punished for making a play in the backfield when our OLBs are struggling to make plays?

I agree with you in a couple of your points.

1 - replacements for those guys you listed may actually make our defense better
2 - Troy. Steeler fans are going to have to get over the "nostalgia" highlight reels and the emotional connection - and let him go.. You are absolutely right - while he's worth something - he sure as HELL isn't worth the $10 million figures that he's being paid - not even close.
People have made comments about offenses "having to take account for him". Not $10 million dollars worth.

I love those guys, but i wont' be sad if Troy, Harrison, Kiesel and Hampton are all cut. I'm really looking forward to moving on to the next thing.
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