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Default Re: Niners vs. Falcons game thread

Don't think Douglas made that call either, but Harbaugh whined like his brother on that one. I thought for a moment we were going to get a full on tantrum. Had they lost we would have gotten the lovely compaining about the call as to why they lost in the postgame interview. That 4th and 4 that ended was a missed call. The ref in the middle had his back to the play and I guess no one else saw the clutch, grab, and hold on by the defender for the entire route. He had him by the shirt with 2 hands for a full 3 count.

Don't really care though. Don't wan't to see 49ers with 6, but that will be the lesser of 2 evils as watching the Pats get another or the Ravens get one would make me physically ill.
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