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Default Re: Rats Vs. Cheats game thread

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
It's like men with boys when Brady is throwing right now, isn't it? Not only does he have an eternity to throw, but when he does, the CB just looks confused. I like this hurry-up they're running, too. I think with the youth of our receivers, we could run a very similar type offense with our 'new and improved' offensive line.

Take some notes Todd!

i hear ya. When we run the no-huddle, we wait until "critical situations" when you know its coming. And any time we do, we STUPIDLY run the snap count clock down to 1. Wow. What a surprise when its snapped, huh?
I still believe if Brady played behind our line, he'd be no better than Ben is, possibly even a step down because he doesn't handle pressure well at all - but 2 things here is making our team just look downright silly and juvenile.
1. The offensive playcalling
2. The big-strong-tough offensive line blocking. And i mean BLOCKING.
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