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Default Re: Rats Vs. Cheats game thread

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
i hear ya. When we run the no-huddle, we wait until "critical situations" when you know its coming. And any time we do, we STUPIDLY run the snap count clock down to 1. Wow. What a surprise when its snapped, huh?
I still believe if Brady played behind our line, he'd be no better than Ben is, possibly even a step down because he doesn't handle pressure well at all - but 2 things here is making our team just look downright silly and juvenile.
1. The offensive playcalling
2. The big-strong-tough offensive line blocking. And i mean BLOCKING.
Absolutely with you. If we're going to run a hurry-up, fuck the hard snap count and make them jumpy and unsettled so we could possibly have a free play if they jump offside or get antsy.

I think our OLine is going to be pretty good this year with the only question mark being our starting LG. If our guys are finally able to get some kind of chemistry going and our line can stay healthy, I think Ben will have time to throw and make plays. Not necessarily Brady time, but time.

More OT, where's Wilfork?

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
"No-Huddle" resulted in backbreaking plays resulting in the Steelers losing both crucial games (Dallas and Cincinnati) to get knocked out the postseason to begin with this year.

Haley can take all the notes and listen all he wants. The responsibility is on Ben for not playing like dog shit.

Brady can run the no-huddle effectively because he actually STUDIES and knows the ins and outs.
Oh bullshit. Next time you're in the Steelers film room how about you send me an invite so I can watch what Roethlisberger is doing too? You can't possibly know what he's doing and the reason why we couldn't run the no-huddle effectively was because of poor OLine play and a bad snap count. It had nothing to do with lack of focus by Roethlisberger but why not blame Ben? I heard there was a hurricane today in California, let's blame Ben for that, too.
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