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Default Re: Rats Vs. Cheats game thread

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
"No-Huddle" resulted in backbreaking plays resulting in the Steelers losing both crucial games (Dallas and Cincinnati) to get knocked out the postseason to begin with this year.

Haley can take all the notes and listen all he wants. The responsibility is on Ben for not playing like dog shit.

Brady can run the no-huddle effectively because he actually STUDIES and knows the ins and outs.

There's one big difference between the Steelers pass offense and the Patriots - and its CRYSTAL CLEAR and on full display right now - and i'm seeing it happen exactly as i've stated all year.

Brady = drops back to pass. Stands there. Stands there. Stands there some more. Calls Giselle and asks what she's making for dinner. Still no defenders near him. Then he looks around some more. Finally throws to an easily open receiver.

Ben = Within 1.5 seconds, the defense is swarming around him if they already haven't nearly killed him. Never (well, rarely) sits back in the pocket like Brady does nearly every play. Forced to run and shrug people off if he can.

Its completely ridiculous. The difference between QB's isn't near as much as the offensive playcalling and the STOUT, tough, and executing offensive line. It can make a QB from being just "good" to a "legend". If anyone can't see this - they are legally blind.
I rarely see Ben play "like dogshit" like you say. Very, very rarely. Brady would be average to above-average playing behind our line. We've seen it before when other teams have actually got to him (Giants first victory in the SB over the Patriots, anyone?).
People talk about RB's, QB's, etc "executing". Not many talk about OL's executing. They talk about them being "good" or "bad", but this example shines.
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