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Default Re: 3-4 to a 4-3?

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
I never said I wanted a Tampa two what I meant was you guys wouldn't want a d that had 8tds last year. And it can be cause of a 4-3 because most of the Time you only rush 4. A and have 7 in coverage. 6teams in the top 8 in int ran 4-3 defenses.

Again it's not an old arguement its a strong possibility after dick leaves. We have more guys that played in a 4-3 than we do a 3-4. The 3-4 relies on the 3 down lineman to hold of blockers to let the linebackers do there thing. Hood and heyward and mccllendon most likely wont be as good as hampton smith Brett. Hood was also credited to the reason Woodley didn't have a great year his play was poor and teams targeted him and ran right at his side.

Like I said I love the 3-4 I think it's the best d when it's working. But we don't have the personal anymore. It's a possibility and everyone should be aware of that.
We dont have the personell for anything other than a 3-4 right now. Nobody on the squad is a pass rushing DE...not Keisel, not Woodley. Both Timmons and Spence are better WILL LB's.

Besides, your arguement that teams only rush 4 in a 4-3 isnt much different than a 3-4. Generally on passing downs the NT comes out and the teams rush 4, or sometimes blitz. 4-3 teams blitz also. You are putting out a suggestion for the wrong reasons and wrong rationale......but go ahead. Its mildly amusing/entertaining, because it happens every year.
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