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Default Re: 3-4 to a 4-3?

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
We dont have the personell for anything other than a 3-4 right now. Nobody on the squad is a pass rushing DE...not Keisel, not Woodley. Both Timmons and Spence are better WILL LB's.

Kiesel won't be back next season. Woodley would be a good de he's at 270 already. He can rush every down and not worry about coverage. When he rushes now in the 3-4 he goes against the tackle which would be the same with him at de. McClendon and hood would be dominate in the middle making the oline decided between those two who to double block. So you would have Woodley alone against the tackle most of time and ill take that any day. You don't need a giants style 4-3 your basing your argument of how the giants run and use the 4-3 with wide 9 technique edge rushers.

Not sure what you mean by better will linebackers if your making a arguement for a 3-4 because those are positions in 4-3. You have mack and buck in 3-4 so learn your positions in each defense

Timmons was a outside linebacker in 4-3 in college and would be better suited for that in the nfl. He's come around as a 3-4 middle linebacker but his skill set is better suited for a 4-3. That has been the knock on him by this board for so long now. Spence would be a very good middle linebacker in the 4-3 he's very fast and covers a lot of ground, and he would not be best suited in the 3-4 very undersized. So your assessment of our players not being suited for a 4-3 is very wrong. So keep going its very assuming and entertaining
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