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Default Re: 3-4 to a 4-3?

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Thanks, but I coach football and have for several years, so I know the schemes. I also know that Timmons was ideally suited as a WILL LB in a 4-3 coming out of college, as is Spence. Woodley does not have the quickness or first step of a decent DE and would not be a great DE in a 4-3.

So basically, we would need to put Timmons and Spence at the Mike and Will. Find a Sam LB, use Hood and Heyward at DT and need to find 2 DE's that can play in a 4-3. Then coach up the entire defense on the new schemes and coverages.

You want to overhaul a top 5 defense so that it can get a few pick 6es? Kind of like a guy that wanted to dump Cindy Crawford so he could find a girl without that mole on her lip.
Sorry coach

You would have heyward ( and i know most of you think he wouldnt be good as a 4-3 de but the man has pass rushing ablilty but the 3-4 dosnt allow him to show case it) hood McClendon Woodley you would only need a Sam linebacker.

And I have never said I want and we need to switch all I did was present a article and make the point that a maybe we should of shouldn't switch with dick leaves. Or at the very least have packages for both and use them.

You do realize that top 5 d got lit up by the titans raiders and chargers.

Again I've said I love the 3-4 and thinks its great but you have to play to what you have on your team. And most of the great 3-4 guys we had left or are there way out like smith kiesel hampton foote Harrison farrior. In recent drafts we have drafted 4-3 guys you can't argue that it's a fact.

And if you remember we used a big nickel defense a little this year with four down lineman in kiesel Hampton heyward and hood not a ideal line but they got pressure and stopped the run effectively when used.
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