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Default Re: I'm embarrassed to be a Steeler fan today

Without getting into the bickering that's going on between fans on this thread I just want to comment on the rule. The bigggest problem, in my estimation, is that they want something that just won't happen. These guys, owners of NFL franchises, are billionares. They got that way by hiring the best candidates within their respective irganization AND by having huge ego's. You just don't get to that level without those 2 things, No matter how much you fine them, threaten them or tell them to do something I trulyt believe they will hire the best candidate for the job. Whether they are white/balck or otherwise. I mean white cnadidates get overlooked as well. The Rooney's are in a position of power in that they championed the effort and they have their minority coach so they can "preach form the pulpit" all they want but I do not believe it will change anything. They also over compensating, like we do in this country, for past sins. There is such a history of racial inequality in this country that they are going overboard. And I will also say that there is a place for this rule as there is for all civil rights laws/rules I just don't think it changes anything and they didn't have to make these over the top comments to open anyone's eyes as we all know our history hence the reason we will not repeat it. Just my opinion.
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