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Default Re: Got to root for Ravens over Niners

Uh, no. Sorry bro. F#ck the Ratbirds and they horse they rode in on. The main reason is the article below for me. But, this is the worst case scenario for us IMO. Would have been nice to see Atlanta win it all and not give either Bitchbaugh or Bilicheat the ring! What truly sucks is that Lewis is going to get an insufferable amount of coverage over these next 2 weeks and probably go out like Bettis. And he doesn't deserve it.

I just read an article a couple of days ago about the family of one of the kids that Ray Ray and/or his buddies stabbed and although it does seem improbable that he did it the mother says ON RECORD that it is clear that he knew what happened. Hence, the obstruction charge he plead guilty too. It's sad and the world revears him because now he "found God" and all. Sad. Here's the link to the article. Sorry if it's already been posted in another thread...
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