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Default Re: Harbaugh Jealousy

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
"Harbur Berwl De Derp De Derp De tweedely poopity pohr"

Screw that shit - 1 Harbaugh is going to lose, thus - Tomlin is at least better than 1 of them. Also - will still have 1 more SB appearance

This will be the worst 2 weeks for a football fan unless youre a Ravens/49ers fan - Lots of videos of Ray Lewis looking for cameras so he can pray in front of them - what a fucking spectacle he makes of himself. Also - "The Harbaugh Parents must be so proud de derp."

I might actually only check the scores for this SB. The free beer and wings at the party will be the best part by far.
Desperate geek...... Found a fragment of pride to hold on to so run with it. It's obvious our team is on a downward spiral. Ravens are still consistently at the top of the afc. Jon will always keep them there as well. Jim's Niners are the best in the team. You think tomlins better than them, then we'd be playing yesterday... We weren't this year or the last. Open your eyes you geek. Your argument is pathetic. Belichek hasn't won a bowl for years and years but his team.unlike our is always in the hunt and in the finals. Consistency is what makes a good coach. Tomlin ain't consistent.
GO Steelers soon to be AFCN champions, soon to be AFC CHAMPIONS! SOON TO BE 2014/2015 World champions!
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