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Default Re: I'm embarrassed to be a Steeler fan today

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
This thread is an embarrassment, but I'm not surprised.

That's not the reason you're embarrassed. You're embarrassed because the Steelers had an 8-8 season due to terrible circumstances and you're upset about it. If the Steelers did better this year, you wouldn't really give a shit.

People like you since 2007 have been lying in wait, waiting for the first time Tomlin messed up and you're like "See? I told you he sucked! Get rid of him!" Where were you people before this year? Hell, where were you people when the team was 6-3?

That said, the rule is a joke.
Where did I say we should get rid of Tomlin? I feel bad that his employer admitted publicly that he was hired primarily for his skin color.

I'd rather get rid of Rooney and his dopey son. This team would have been better off had a businessman like Druckenmiller bought them.
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