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Default Re: Young Money Crew

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
Watching these playoffs has shown me one thing - we have a bunch of complementary receivers in Pittsburgh, no #1 studs.

Guys like AJ Green, Boldin, J. Jones, Torry Smith, Roddy White go up and make tough catches in traffic that we just don't see in Pittsburgh.

We'd rightfully crucify Ben if he tried to throw that TD pass Ryan threw to Jones in the left corner, because our receivers would have been easily out-fought for the ball.

Need a physical presence or two that Brown and Wallace can complement.
It wouldn't be a "rightful" crucifixion if the problem is that the WRs aren't physical enough to fight for the ball. Sometimes QBs have to put the ball in tight windows and depend on their WRs to fight for it. And if Roethlisberger doesn't like "throwing WRs open," maybe this is why, because he's afraid that if he tried, the WRs would either drop it or let defenders steal it from them.

Other than that minor disagreement, though, you're right; the Steelers have a bunch of smurfs at WR, so now it's time to give Roethlisberger the tall, physical WR he's always wanted.
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