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Default Re: Harbaugh Jealousy

Originally Posted by lipps83 View Post
Yeah, I don't get it. Instead of appreciating the coaching prowess of the Harbaugh's, it seems most of our fans would rather attack their character since they know they cannot attack their coaching abilities.

It's about putting the best product possible on the field from the top down. Nothing more, nothing less.

Some Steelers fans would rather have an emotionless robot coach (I have no problem with Tomlin, but he isn't even close to the Harbaugh/Belicheck level). They don't want the players to show any emotion after a big play. They want all of the players to be clean-cut and raising orphans instead of having their own children.

They want to live in a world that doesn't exist and never will.

Belichick is as emotionless as they get, so I think sytle or demeanor have little to do with quality coaching. Make no mistake about it, Belichick had a couple great calls early with forcing a timeout with Mallet in on the punt team. He was playing with Harbaugh there just to let him he could force him to blow that TO. Then the 4th and 1 direct snap was a thing of beauty. But make no mistake about it, the rest of the way Bill had no answers for the Ravens on either side of the ball. His conservativeness in of punting inside the 35 of the Ravens twice and mis managing the clock before the half contributed greatly to the loss for the Pats.

All coaches make mistakes, it's just sometimes they get covered up because a guy makes a play and sometimes they don't.

I think in game coaching had little to do with our losses this year. Preparation is a different story.
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