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Default Re: Young Money Crew

Originally Posted by pczach View Post
If anyone objectively watched these playoff games, you can plainly see that nearly every team in the tournament has better receivers than the Steelers.

Look at that wonderful highlight reel of Mike Wallace. Now show me the dazzling catches he has made with defenders all over him. Show me the ones where he is covered like a blanket and wrestles the ball from the defender. Show me the ones where he catches the ball with his hands in traffic and does a toe tap that would make a ballerina envious. How about all those crushing blocks he makes to help his teammates? Got any highlights like that?

I didn't think so.....

Face it. He's a good downfield threat. He's not a polished #1 receiver, and it's not even close.
yea, I won't get into the Wallace thing again - but, physicality and possession is lacking

Insanity or In-sahn-naha-teh
is what the the Iro-quois used
meaning "severe personnel problems".
Look it up. No? No, I'm right.
Agree to disagree.
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