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Default Re: Young Money Crew

Im somewhat intrigued by a particular WR that Pittsburgh can grab so they decide to go for a big WR who can battle for the ball AFTER the first or 2nd round. I only hope the kid is available as a 3rd or 4th rounder because if his stock creeps into the 2nd round I dont know if Steelers go for him.

Aaron Dobson Marshall 6'2" 205 lb

There are better WRs of course, particularly one Cordarelle Patterson but for the purpose of replying on this thread this guy intrigues me some if he is still available. Now if Colbert really goes off and wants a WR in the first round then of course there are others and I like
Patterson quite a bit. But I doubt WR is a first round consideration for this Steelers team.

** And someone else here did post this kid in 3rd round of their mock rookie draft for Steelers, I just havent looked back. I found out about the kid over at

Good info there too by the way in my opinion.
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