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Default Re: Young Money Crew

That is about all Wallace has done this year is gain separation. To what end ( he has gained separation from the ball a few too many times too)? Have you watched Boldin and Smith lately? They have been playing as well as Wallace ever has. They fight for the ball too.

I was just excited as anybody to have Wallace. But I think the realization has set in, he is not playing quality, dependable football. At this point, I would take Boldin or Smith over Wallace. That might change next year, if he is even on the team, but right now I would dare say Wallace has been a detriment to the offense.He has easily been the most overrated player on this team.

Most of that is my opinion. But the fact is he has underperformed, as has most of the Steelers. As a result, they finished 8-8 and are watching football on TV instead of playing.

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Anyone who thinks Torrey Smith or Anquan Boldin is better than Mike Wallace should be posting on the Ravens message board. Boldin is a possession receiver he is no where near Wallace's level (Boldin has caught 4 or less TDs in 5 of his seasons- how is he a red zone threat???). Torrey Smith is similar to Wallace- same height and build and is a speed guy just not as good (let me know when he catches more than 50 passes in a season until then stfu).

As far as Fitz (3rd overall pick), Andre Johnson (3rd overall pick), Calvin Johnson (2nd overall pick), Julio Jones (6th overall pick)- I hope the Steelers are never bad enough to get a receiver that good.

Please explain to me how the Steelers are going to get a better receiver than Wallace (who gets more separation from defenders than any other player in the league).
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