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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

The Steelers defense was helped a ton in Super Bowl 40 by documented poor officiating. Not saying we would have lost but Seattle would have made a better run of it.
Both teams played like crap. The penalty calls became famous. That push off in the end zone was a push off, I still do not understand why people get so bent on that one. You wanna call Haggens penalty off, fine, the Seahawks got to the 2 yard line, they didnt score on that play. If you are going to use an excuse of, that play killed the Seahawks, that means you assumed they would score a TD after that. If that is the thinking process, then what makes you think Ben wouldnt have score on a 4th and inches when they called his TD run a TD? Cowher is on the mic saying he is going for it if its 4th, so, you can not have it both ways.

Big Ben bailed out the defense in Super Bowl 43.
Actually, the offense effed the defense in more ways then one in that game. The defense held 3 1,000 yard receiver and arguably the best Super Bowl QB, statistically, ever to 7 points through 3 quarters. Fitz was none existent for the first 3 quarter. That last drive and Fitz TD should have never happened had it not been for one of the worst winning centers in SB history holding in the end zone right before the game clinching one hip catch. So, if Hartwig doesn't hold on that play, Steelers win 20-14. Holding the Cardinals high powered offense to 14 points is pretty damn good too me.

Packers had their way in Super Bowl 45.
3 turnovers by the offense. All momentum from there, and one was a TD. 21 points from turnovers. Otherwise, Steelers defense allow 10 points.

Plus the 49ers were able to come back on his defense when he was in Cincy.

Sports is one play, one mistake, one catch or one drop from changing all of history. Some go your way, some don't. At the end of it all, the players make the plays or they don't, so blaming a coach who's great at what he does for mistakes his players make on one or two plays, is a little ignorant.
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