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Default Re: I'm embarrassed to be a Steeler fan today

I don't like the rule, as a matter of fact, I hate it!! But everybody take a moment and reflect why we do in fact have it, Hmm! Until the rule was put into effect, minorities were bypassed and never even thought of being hired. And say what you will, there were plenty minority candidates out there that was qualified for the job, more so than their white counterparts. That's why we have the current mess that we have. No, you are absolutely right, no one should be hired based on the color of their skin, I completely agree. It should be based on their qualifications.

The reason the Rooney Rule was put into effect is largely due to the owners being bias; if you want to fault some1, then look to them.

No, lets not hire some1 simply because they are a minority, I agree. But at the same time, they shouldn't neglect to hire some1 or even be affraid to do so simply because they are black either.
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