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Default Re: How Will Posterity Remember Brady

Originally Posted by ZoneBlitzer View Post
Ah, I don't think that has anything to do with it. If their spying was so critical why did they eke out their wins? If anything they got away with murder by mugging the receivers they faced. Everyone knows about how their secondary manhandled and interfered with the Rams for their first SB win. After their last win, you got to look to changes on the team as well as luck. All of their SBs have been close win or lose.
Isn't that just it though. They won close games using cheated to gain a slight advantage. It wasn't a fool proof plan to dominate the other team. But having the right D called or adjusting slightly at the line of scrimmage or getting a little jump in the right direction on the snap got a less talented team over the hump against better competition.
They were not as talented as the teams they beat in a lot of those playoff games.
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