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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
I know I am going to get killed for this but if you look at history, Dick Lebeau's defenses are not championship defenses. (Steel Curtain, Doomsday, 85 Bears, Bellicheck from the Giants and early Pat Years, 2000 Ravens).

Sure, he has 2 Super Bowl wins but for top regular season ranked defenses, none were dominant playoff/Super Bowl defenses. in fact you can go back to when he was the D Coordinator for the bengals.

The Steelers defense was helped a ton in Super Bowl 40 by documented poor officiating. Not saying we would have lost but Seattle would have made a better run of it.

Big Ben bailed out the defense in Super Bowl 43.

Packers had their way in Super Bowl 45.

Plus the 49ers were able to come back on his defense when he was in Cincy.

My point is, I am sick of the high regular season rankings and come playoffs whenever we play a high powered offense we can't stop them. In fact, Tebow tore this defense to shreds.

That being said, I think its time to go in a new direction. Add the fact his defenses are impossible for young players to grasp for 2-3 years, I dont see this changing.

I must rather see a 4-3 being run by a innovative young DC or a new style 3-4 in hopes to get us back to where we need quicker. As much as our offense was the problem in 2012, with Ben that can be fixed quick. The defense with its age and under-developing young players is going to continue to not pressure the qb, not creat turnovers, give up leads to lesser teams for a while.

Just asking, but how many Superbowl winners did Buddy Ryan coach as an DC? How many has LeBeau?

I'll grant you, you aren't going to find too many defenses of the quality of our 70's Steelers today because for all preactical purposes, they've just about outlawed defense, realitively speaking.

The crazy thing is, LeBeau has probably coached in more Superbowls than any other coach besides Belicheck. Philidelphia ( under Vermeil) two at Cincinati, and 4
( if he was with us in 96) with the Steelers and two of thsioe Championships.

You may not like it, certainly, it's not everybody's cup of tea, but the dang thing is effective. It's been successful for over 3o years.

Speaking of Belicheck, how was his "Championship D" looking in the 3rd quarter yesterday?
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