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Default Re: I'm embarrassed to be a Steeler fan today

The rule should be called the "Raiders Rule." They hired Art Shell in 1989. Shell was the first minority hire in 70 years.

I believe the NFL will give the job to the best man as the organizations see it. There is nothing wrong with a hiring policy that mandates that minorities get an opportunity to interview for the job. I think laws that mandate a minority has to be hired is going a step too far.

The NFL is giving many new coaches a chance this season- most of the new head coaches were from college. Bottom line is the NFL hires offensive-minded head coaches a lot more than defensive ones. There aren't many good offensive coaches and even fewer minority offensive coaches.

When there is insinuation of racial prejudice in the firing of Lovie Smith there is a problem and the leftist media machine has gone way too far. The Bears hired him for 9 seasons and stood by him as they went to the playoffs once in the last 6 years. Now they are trying something else.

Whisenhunt got fired with the Cards and has taken an OC job with the Chargers. I am sure some team would hire Lovie Smith as a DC in a heartbeat... but he only wants to be a HC. Sorry! When you go to the playoffs 33% of the time as a head coach you aren't entitled to a job. Most fired head coaches take a demotion with another team, stay working and hope for a chance down the road.

Stephen A Smith was complaining about Jon Embree being fired from Colorado... and he was 4-21 as a head coach! Then Jon Embree played the race card in his "I just got fired speech" saying he wouldn't get a second chance because he is a minority... umm I wouldn't hire a head coach who is going to claim racial discrimination if he gets fired after two horrendous seasons so I doubt he will get a second chance.
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