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Default Re: Rats Vs. Cheats game thread

Originally Posted by charlesk View Post
Pittsburgh is the only team to ever lose a playoff game to Tim Tebow; perhaps the worst qb ever to play the game. The W against you this year was huge and the sweep of you last year won us the division and relegated the Steelers to the wildcard. As for beating the Steelers in the playoffs the Steelers are going to have serious trouble even going to the playoffs the next few years. Ancient up front, T.P. is finished, no running game, poor drafts and B. Ben's best years behind him (always injured now). Steelers will be fighting with Cleveland for 3rd in the division next year.
This might win the award of 'Most Ignorant Post on the Boards' and we've had some ones about wishing we had Harbaugh on here, so that by itself is telling.

Congratulations, another team beat the Steelers in the playoffs. Until the Ravens have done so, it's time to shut that mouth of yours. Stop celebrating the Denver win like the Ravens accomplished it - they haven't done shit.

We're ancient? We're younger on defense than you are, but don't let facts get in the way. Reed and Lewis are done too. What's your point?

I'm glad you can see into the future about Roethlisberger. Why don't you peek into it and tell me what the lotto numbers are for next week? Or the scores of next year which you can clearly see. The amount of shit that just flowed out of your post into words is baffling.

Typical Ravens fan - talking like they've accomplished anything. How about you beat us in the playoffs, or better yet, beat Charlie Batch. Beating Batch would probably be a good place to start.

Close that piehole of yours, pal. The amount of bullshit falling out makes you look like a clown.
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