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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

Originally Posted by lipps83 View Post
You forgot to add "until the 4th quarter".

Lebeau's defense is historically known for giving up late leads. Starting with the Super Bowl against the 49'ers.

It happened against the Cardinals in the Super Bowl.

It happened 5x this years against the super great #1 ranked defense (total yards only) we had. Half of the offenses on this list are deplorable.

Championship defenses don't. i am not saying the defenses weren't good, but they are not championship defenses, when i say that i mean we won because of the defense. In all those runs, our defense didnt stand out. it did enough.

that being said, its not any type of defense that stands out so why not change it?

its gotten progressively worse and easier to move the ball on and does not come of with that big stop when needed.

its not a dominant defense

call me names, pick selective points to dwell on but the bottom line is this is not a championship defense, its a good one but not great and not worth the complexity that stunts the growth of all our 1st round picks.
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