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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

He's a defensive genius. His ideology needs to be updated, though. Not letting rookies start is something that needs to be fixed, especially if we draft someone like Dion Jordan or Sam Montgomery. If his scheme is too complicated for rookies to understand, then we have a red flag. Why does it take 3 years for a rookie to fully understand the key concepts and ideology behind his book, but 31 other defenses are easy to pick up and excel with rookies at the helm? It's starting to look like he's playing favoritism with his veterans, no matter how unproductive they are.

Also, don't punish success. Let the DEs and our NT blow shit up at the line of scrimmage - don't hinder progress. This isn't 2005 - the NFL has changed. DEs are no longer space-eaters and are athletic and agile enough to get around blocks and get sacks themselves. Asking them to be overweight but strong to stop the run is an outdated scheme.

Change the ideology or draft new personnel and change the scheme. Our guys are good enough to be putting up huge sack numbers, but are hindered and punished when they make plays. What other team punishes their NT for getting a sack? It's a ridiculous ideology.
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