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Default Re: I'm embarrassed to be a Steeler fan today

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
I agree with most of what you typed playa. But I must insert that Andy Reid, John Fox and a few others were no more successful than Lovie, yet they were given other HC opportunities after being fired. Whisenhunt has never been a good HC, so I can see why he was demoted to OC. Lovie did well with bums at QB in ChiTown.

The team had a right to fire him for performance. I'll give you that, BTW he had three playoff appearances.
I think Lovie's issue with getting a HC job this year is not color of skin, but more side of the ball. There has been a lot of chatter about teams going offense first in their coaching hires. Only 1 defense first coach landed a head coaching job this year. Rightfully so. The game has changed. The way it's officiated has skewed the game to produce points rapidly. 8 of the top 12 defenses in the league missed the playoffs. That is an unheard of stat from past years. Championships used to be built on running the football and hard nosed defense. No more.
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