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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

Lets go back 20 years, to Super Bowl 25 when offenses started to reall blow it up. I say this Steelers run, our defense is probably in the lower 3rd.

Here is my criteria. Did the defense dominate by getting sacks, turnovers, crucial stops and the game never really being in question. To me that is the difference between a championship defense and a defense that was part of the championship teams. They didnt let infirior teams in the game.

1990 Giants- yes
Redskins- no
Dallas 3 super bowls- yes
49ers in 1994- yes
Packers- no
Broncos for 2- yes
Rams- no
Ravens- yes
Patriots- yes rams, yes eagles, no carolina
Tampa- yes
Colts- no
Giants in 2- yes
Saints- yes
Packers- yes

All the ones I said yes to had crucial turnovers, sacks or held down a top offense.

I just never felt in any of these games they were going to clamp down, hold the offense in check, get the crucial sack or turnover. The defense never took control of any game. One splash play only in 3 games doesnt make a championship defense to me.
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