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Default Re: Is Colbert Quietly on the 'Hot Seat'?

I went through a litany of posts. My thoughts remain the same as they have for two years maybe three under Tomlin.

Colbert going would be a huge loss to the franchise.

He gets players who can play and win!

Now strategies on game day and coaching the players are the responsibility of Tomlin and his staff.

My guess is Dick Lebeau has been told to play softer coverage way too much the last few years. Rarely, have the Steelers gone for the jugular on third down instead played soft zones and gave up firsts

Rarely have the Steelers gone in Q4 in a close game and gone for the kill
Rarely has the Steeler Offense done anything but sit on the ball when ahead

I cannot remember the last time the Steelers smashed an opponent in a close game in Q3 and Q4

This past season the Offense was horrible, horrible

None of the above is Colbert's fault the players are there

The strategies SUCK

Right now I am in the camp the Steelers won in the past despite Tomlin's bad game day coaching
Right now I am in the camp the Steelers play to too soft on offense always and too soft on defense in the end game

So, doing this stuff for half a century, right now, my gun is firmly pointed at Tomlin, and then Haley, we got the players but you cannot win a race holding the reins on the horses and telling them prevent themselves from winning

That last phrase to me seems to the Steelers biggest problem,,,,,,,,,,,,fixing that is solely the responsiblity of Tomlin, Haley and LeBeau

BTW, one of the dumbest things I have ever witnessed is the running back by committee of four which guarantees NONE of them gets a game feel and good procduction. Two carries every two Q's guarantees lousy running game performance. Redman is the lone back with upside. Dwyer does not make decisive runs, Mendenhall is a fumble and brain fart waiting to happen. Redman when given the chance to get his legs on see the hole hits and pushes te pile............. We need a complement to Redman the rest good bye. We have great WR's used to get four yards passes whhoopie??????????? The D has enough solid players to go back to what Steelers do, destroy and desrupt and offense instead of sitting back and hoping and offense screws up. Time for Tomlin to step up and manage a game to win instead of to survive

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