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Default Re: Worst. Super Bowl. EVER.

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
I don't think it could POSSIBLY get any worse. Maybe if it was Packers-Ravens. But having to root for the Ravens? Maybe this will spark our team next year to see the Rats win it all. What an awful year for the Nation.

What is wrong with the 49ers? I think they are a really exciting team. What their QB is doing is very impressive. That show Kaepernick put on against the Packers was awesome. The 49ers have a good running game...good defense... playmakers on both sides of the ball. I think they definitely deserve to be in...and I'd say they are the best team in the league this year.

The Ravens on the other hand are not a superbowl caliber team IMO. I think they got a little lucky with the matchups...and played consistent defense.... they don't make many mistakes. But their QB is weak... their defense is not dominant's really good but not historic by any sense of the word... their offense is boring. The Ravens IMO represent everything that is wrong with pro sports. They have no class... their players are all about t them selves and show boating. If I have to see Ray Lewis do another dance I'll puke. The guy covered up a double murder for christe sake.. how is he not hated in the NFL? Ben gets accused of pushing him self onto a drunk girl and he's the devil... Vick kills dogs and he's worse then Hitler.... Ray Lewis helps his freinds out of a stabbing that killed 2 people...and he's the greatest LB in the league? HUH?

Not to mention their QB is a douche. The AFC is really boring this year... I thought Denver was the best team in the AFC by a long shot... but they choked. The 49ers were the best team in the NFC and they are in... So I hope they finish the job.

If the 2012 steelers played the 49ers right now...we'd be crushed. If we played the Ravens it would likely go down to the final minutes. heck it wasn't that long ago we beat them with Charlie Batch.
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