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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
I'm not going to kill you for your opinion...but I am going to tell you why you are wrong... it's not as black and white as you are trying to make it out to be. There's more to it then "rankings"

#1 - our defense during our SB years and all the other years we went deep into the playoffs was most cases VERY good.

#2 - The offense bailing us out is a rare occurrence over the last 20 years. Anyone paying any attention to the steelers knows well that the majority of the time it was the defense bailing out the offense...when that wasn't happening...we weren't making the playoffs. More often then not it was our defense keeping us in was our offense failing to capitalize... this year is a great example of that.

#3 - The GB superbowl - would have been won by the steelers if it weren't for the turnovers made by our offense. We were up against the best offense in the league...we were going to give up points and yardage. This is a new era in the NFL...a passing era... the rules support this. We would not have been to the SB with out a solid defense and offense. I'll argue it does take both to win SB's. It's usually a fluke when a one dimensional team does it.

#4 - poor officiating did not win that SB against say it did is just ignorant. I'd admit it if it were true... I hate the officials as much as anyone. But most of the so called questionable calls were actually correct. A few were not...but we also got hosed on a couple...and Seattle did not exactly do anything to make one think they were the better team. That game was a standoff till a team made something happen... and it was the steelers that did that. We were in that SB because of our defense - PERIOD. The defense kept us in position to win it... it took some imagination from the offense to put points on the board.

#5 - not sure how long you've been a steeler fan but you probably don't have enough fingers to count how many times lack of scoring and turnovers cost us victories in the playoffs. In some cases it kept us from making the playoffs... this season for example.

#6 - apparently you didn't watch the 2nd half of this season...but all we needed was ANYTHING from our offense to make the playoffs...we got nothing.. the offense failed us 10X for every time the defense failed. Turnovers were often the cause.

#7 - What exactly are you expecting from our defense? We are consistently in the top 5 in the NFL year after year. Sure we get beat sometimes...but I do remind you that we are playing professionals... guys like Brady, Manning, Rogers, etc beat defenses on a regular basis... they are among the best ever at their position...obviously we can't expect to dominate every game defensively. I'll remind you that most defenses are NOT as good as ours yet they still find ways to win. The 49ers are a good example... wasn't till they found a QB that their team started winning. The packers on the other hand...have an offense but can't seem to find a defense capable of winning more then the 1 ring they have. Rogers is most definitely good enough to win multiple rings. he's better then Ben by a long shot.

#8 - I could probably go on and on with this...but dude...put some actual thought into what you are saying. This is a team sport.
Excellent valid points. Keep in mind, great, championship defenses obsorb costly offensive errors. We let Drew Bledsoe in a relief role make huge plays in a home championship game. yes team sport But I would say since 2001 our offense let us down only in Big Bens championship game in 2004.

Lets not even go back that far, look at just under Tomlin.

2007- Jags game was a joke. We let the Jags move at will and if not for Ben we were not in that game. And, we saw how it ended with garrard running into filed goal range at the end.

2008- solid season but how many games did Ben have to come back and win a game for us? To include the Super Bowl? he was herioic in that season.

2009- Blown lead after blown lead. oakland? really?

2010- I get no defense was stopping the packers BUT there were many opportunities to make a stand and they didnt. Their defense did ours didnt.

2011- Tebow man handles us

2012- well, 6 blown leads

as for Super Bowl 40, i dont think the refs won the game for us, but at crucial times when Seattle was driving a call would be borderline. To include taking a TD off the board.

So, my question, when in any of these games did you feel that when our defesne was on the field it was a done deal?
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