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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
You haters of the 3-4 need to ask you selves this..... When was the Steelers OFFENSE considered the best in the NFL? OR even a top 5 offense?

How often does our offense walk onto the field and just light it up? I mean since our defense is so "Bad" , "mediocre" ."smoke and mirrors" etc as many of you say.... what is our offense doing?

Is the offense exempt from being asked to bail out our bad defense from time to time?

It's our defense that consistently performs at a top level... do we have room for improvement? Sure...I would have liked to see more turnovers this year....I'd like to see more sacks....but they still did their job in at least holding the opponent to less then 21 points most of the time..... Don't forget to subtract those points that were a direct result of our offense turning the ball over.

Our offense is as inconsistent as it gets. Our offense often puts pressure on the defense to be dominant in order to win. Chalk it up to injuries or coaching...but either way you slice it... Dick Lebeau's 3-4 defense has for the most part been good enough to win titles. Most certainly our 3-4 defense has consistently been better then the rest of the league - especially when looked at over the past 5-10 years.

The same cannot be said about our offense. If you think Dick Lebeau isn't good enough... I can't imagine what you think about the vast majority of other D-coordinators. Heck minus maybe one or two other guys... NO ONE in the NFL has defenses performing at the level we have over the past 10 years. It's not even debatable.
2008 ben carried us with come back after come back after come back.

I want a winning QB not one who puts up big stats. ben wins and since he has been around its been on his shoulders over the defenses.
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