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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
Excellent valid points. Keep in mind, great, championship defenses obsorb costly offensive errors. We let Drew Bledsoe in a relief role make huge plays in a home championship game. yes team sport But I would say since 2001 our offense let us down only in Big Bens championship game in 2004.

Lets not even go back that far, look at just under Tomlin.

2007- Jags game was a joke. We let the Jags move at will and if not for Ben we were not in that game. And, we saw how it ended with garrard running into filed goal range at the end.

2008- solid season but how many games did Ben have to come back and win a game for us? To include the Super Bowl? he was herioic in that season.

2009- Blown lead after blown lead. oakland? really?

2010- I get no defense was stopping the packers BUT there were many opportunities to make a stand and they didnt. Their defense did ours didnt.

2011- Tebow man handles us

2012- well, 6 blown leads

as for Super Bowl 40, i dont think the refs won the game for us, but at crucial times when Seattle was driving a call would be borderline. To include taking a TD off the board.

So, my question, when in any of these games did you feel that when our defesne was on the field it was a done deal?
well sure leave out 05 when we won the SB and 04 when we went 15-1 with a rookie QB. I also find your reason for not counting 08 as a Championship quality defense as unacceptable.
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