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Default Re: Brady's Leg Kick

Originally Posted by wwhickok View Post
Not going to cry over it. Ray Lewis should be suspended for 1 game for his second intentional and Blatant Helmet to Helmet hit in two games but thats not going to happen either.

Once again, the NFL's "rules" are not applied to everyone and are clearly unfair and dished out at random. Same hits get fines, no fines, different fine amounts (even if same # of offenses, etc). One day soon you'll see this end up in a high-powered attorney's hands - and the NFL will have brought it on completely by themselves.

Reed "wins" suspensions after being fined (c'mon, NO ONE every wins appeals..), Lewis is "untouchable" (what else did he do in the playoff games but commit clear, violent, illegal helmet-to-helmet head hits? if you answered "nothing", you'd be correct.....), and so on, and so on....
But if Harrison and a host of other guys throughout the league who are not media or NFL darlings or don't have some kind of soap opera storyline going, would be fined immediately to the moon and beyond. We'll see if the NFL fines him for these very clear illegal helmet hits - but my guess is no.
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