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Default Re: Got to root for Ravens over Niners

Man, talk about being blinded by hate - I understand and actually respect the depth of competition that makes the Steelers-Ravens rivalry among the best league has ever seen - but some of the "Ratbird" statements remind of stuff I (and some of my friends) might have said in 4th or 5th grade. No offense, but holy cow. I'd rather root for a team with one ring and a rivalry, than a team with 5 going on 6 rings that I have no feeling for one way or the other.

Some of you are acting as though the "Stairway to Seven" is only just around the corner. May I remind you how long it took just to get to ring number 6? While I'm as hopeful as any other fan of the black and gold that seven is just around the corner, to blithely assume that it's no big deal if the 49ers tie us because we'll be gettin' number 7 in a year or two - well, just be careful what you wish for.
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