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Default Re: Young Money Crew

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
I agree what you have said about Wallace and not be a great receiver when compared to others. But don't hate on him cause he wants money and here's why. Wallace knows this is his time and only time to get paid and paid big. He's in his 4 or 5 season and his time is running out that mean seem to early for him but the man is a burner and that's it, he takes the top of defenses and makes team gameplay for him. The thing is his speed won't last and won't be the same in year 8 and 9. So nows the time for him to make his money cause he won't be able to later on so I don't blame him for that.
I don't hate the guy, and I understand that he wants to get paid. We all understand that. It's how much money you want that matters. What we are talking about here is how much he is worth to the Steelers...period. If he wants $12 mil a year, let him get it somewhere else. He's not worth what he's asking, and he's a one trick pony. I'm not saying the guy sucks. I'm saying he's not in the class of the top receivers that he wants to get paid as much as. That's all.
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