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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

Originally Posted by Steeldude View Post
The problem is in the post-season the better QBs are playing. Generally, the Steelers do not do well vs the better QBs in the NFL. That's not to say they haven't done well in some games, but overall they are generally eaten up by the Mannings and Bradys. The talent/ability on defense is stagnant with barely any signs of improvement. Woodley was a reach when they gave him that absurd contract. The Steelers and many fans were fooled because he had some sacks. There is more to being a LB than sacks. Polamalu is old and injury prone, as is Harrison. The problem is they are still the two best players on defense. Hampton was kept too long. Kiesel is overrated by fans and has been for most of his career. Taylor still has a few miles left on him, but again he slowing down. Clark is doing well, for the most part, but he is old also. Timmons is pretty much the only bright spot on defense. The Steelers may need to do an overhaul, not a reload.

Currently there is really no one on the team to take the spots of Harrison and Polamalu.
our defense doesnt step up. The Giants faced Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady to win their championship because their defense made big plays, had sacks and turnovers and put Eli Manning in good situations.

That is an example of a championship defense

In their first championship they went through Favre and Brady.

Heck the Saints went through Favre and Manning.
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