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Default Re: Young Money Crew

Originally Posted by pczach View Post
I'm comparing Wallace to other top receivers in the league. What are you guys talking about.? He's asking for money on par with some of the best receivers in the game. What does it matter where you are drafted? After your rookie contract, you are compared to those you want to get paid like. That's not an opinion, it's fact.

As far as Antonio Brown. I like Brown. I agree he had an off year, but he was awesome when he was the featured receiver. Wallace was that guy this year. The other thing is that many of you who think Haley's system is great are defending these receivers as being talented, while they performed vastly better last year in a different offense. It's hard to make sense of all of it.

I hope some of you also notice that since Boldin went to the Ravens, they have been winning more, while their defense has been getting weaker. Since their D is worse, they have gotten better for a reason.
It is fair to compare receivers who are making the same money you are right. However, Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald are making 18 and 17 million a year respectively. Supposedly Wallace is asking for 10-12 which is closer to AB's 8.05.

After their first 4 seasons: Wallace 235 Recs 4042 Yds 32 Tds
Johnson 270 Recs 4191 Yds 33 Tds
Fitz 330 Recs 4544 Yds 34 Tds

Keep in mind when Wallace joined the Steelers he was behind Ward and Holmes on the depth chart. Yeah, Wallace is a 1 trick pony... all he does is score 60 yard Tds. Better look somewhere else for a receiver.

On a note unrelated to this topic but adressing Boldin- Flacco is the reason the Ravens are better. Flacco was bad his first two seasons and has been very solid since. Flacco has 3 back to back 100+ RTG games in these playoffs which is why the Ravens are going to the superbowl. 8 Tds 0 Ints is fairly impressive on the road vs Houston, Denver and New England.
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