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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
So we as fans of those teams, who enjoyed watching them play, are going to discredit what they did by claiming they were never good to begin with? I think "mediocre" was the term the original poster used.

This isn't an argument about our 8-8 team. This is about the history of Lebeau's coaching career.

I agree with you, there need to be changes, and there will be. But let's not start bending over for the Patriots early 2000's defense and the Ravens 2000 defense and put our teams sucking hind tit. These Steelers teams had great, championship quality defenses.
Oh I'm not discrediting those players at all actually the complete opposite. Those players have made this defense so good.

Just a lot of people on here defend dick lebeau defense and scheme when in fact the players we had made the scheme work so well. People don't want to change the scheme at all because dick is a Legend but guys like Troy Harrison and the d line made his scheme so good. If lebeau was on the raiders he's defense wouldn't be number 1.

The players have made this defense so good and most of those player are gone or will be gone. For example those key guys Troy Harrison Woodley kiesel were all hurt this year and Ike and look at what the defense looked like when they were down def not a top 5 d
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