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Default Re: If the Ravens win the SB then I'll....

Originally Posted by ZoneBlitzer View Post
Steelers need some of that heart and character back. No one has filled the shoes that have left the team.

I remember Bettis being a great stabilizing force in the huddle. And Hines always played with tremendous heart.

The intangibles are what push you over the top.
This is definitely true, but I also think in today's salary-cap, parity situation one of the most important things is getting through the season reasonably healthy and especially being healthy for the playoffs. Looking at our run this year, even someone like McGahee and then the injury to Moreno made a difference, then Gronk, Talib, Ridley.

Looking back at the Steelers season, I mean you cannot say enough about how losing Ben hurts. And players rarely come back in the first game completely ready to go. I was really shocked at how badly Batch played in his first game, I was used to seeing that guy get the job done. I also think this was one of those years where you guys just kind of hit an ebb, I expect the Steelers to be noticeably better next year. But, again, for either team to make a run will probably also come down to getting healthy at the right time.
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