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Default Re: Mike Smith in Atlanta

There's no question that he's fielded an impressive team every year he's been there... in the regular season. But the Falcon are atrocious in the playoffs, even their win this year wasn't impressive, they were a missed kick, a dropped pass, a seattle FG (1 of 2 possible attempts in the first half) of being one and done again. Had they lost that game, everyone would be down Smith's throat.

Cowher won his first playoff game in his second year as a head coach. This next season will be Smith's 6th. Cowher also had journeyman or slash running his offense for most of his years. Smith has had a No. 3 overall pick since day 1.

I'm not saying he should be fired, but is racking up wins in the regular season while flopping in the playoffs going to keep being acceptable? I think you all have a good point, the fact that the Falcons never had back to back winning seasons before Smith might give him a bit more security, but if you're running that organization and seen 5 years of the same routine (good play in the regular season while choking in the postseason, minus the year they missed the playoffs) wouldn't you be angling to make a change?

The Falcons are stacked on offense, I'm not sure who's to blame for the frequent playoff flops, but I think Mike Smith's seat should be just a little warm because of it.
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