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Default Re: Rats Vs. Cheats game thread

Originally Posted by i82much View Post
I post here some, Ravens fan. Mostly because I like to read other NFL teams forums rather than Ravens forums, that way you aren't just hearing what you want to hear. It can be tricky, what I might interpret as gently razzing someone can really blow up in your face. And some people are just jerks no matter how you slice it. But it is probably more fun to talk football with someone you respectfully disagree with than with someone who just tells you what you wanna hear.
yeah, I think you're one of the better Ravens fans who post on here. "Respectfully" is the key word there. And it's hard to find that sometimes even with fellow fans on the internet.
have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you became a hired goon right out of school? you would have had a chance to learn the ropes from other goons and rub shoulders with all kinds of seedy characters. oh the stories you would be able to tell.
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